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Nov 22 15 4:21 PM

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Help. My feeders are being mobbed by house sparrows and crows. I live in the city of Pittsburgh, PA. I maintain an undeveloped area owned by the city but zoned hillside. picture attached. I put out black oil sunflower, thistle and suet. This year the mobbing started in ernest. It's killing my budget. I've already spent over $200 since October at the local Agway farm store. I know I'm not the only one dealing with this. Any suggestions? Would laying out some cheap feed like millet & cracked corn reduce the sunflower & thistle usage? Appreciate any and all thoughts. Thank you.image

Steve wooded hillside, above Allegheny River, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Nov 23 15 1:59 AM

Hi Steve............Your sunflower seeds and suet would be attractive to crows and house sparrows. 
You might want to try safflower seed.  Crows would be attracted to cracked corn and HOSP to millet.

The Thistle is so light it may be blowing out of the feeder to empty it, we have had high winds lately.
Suet may last longer if you put it in an upside down feeder, HOSP do not enjoy eating upside down but Woodpeckers don't mind it at all.


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Nov 23 15 10:43 AM

Hi Steve, glad I'm still getting emails about new posts! And happy that luv2birds still does too. She has offered good advice. I have found that thistle socks hold the seed better in wind. I live in a very windy place. Please consider moving to our "newer" forum.

Those of us that stayed with this forum after a catastrophic update, have now begun a forum separate from Cornell. The new, more visually appealing forum began about a year ago. Here's the link. Please consider joining us.

Best of luck.

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