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Nov 28 14 8:34 PM

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This year a coopers hawk has taken to terrorizing the birds at my feeders. I've seen the swift attack. Death is not so quick as the hawk grips the struggling bird on the ground until it stops. Then one day I noticed a downy woodpecker clinging tightly to the sumac, very still. I wasn't sure what was going on. I saw this a few more times. Then today I saw him again and there was the coopers hawk perched nearby on a log. I got my camera just in time to get this shot. 
My hats off to the downy woodpecker. The survivor!

Steve wooded hillside, above Allegheny River, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Nov 28 14 9:06 PM

Great photo, nice catch, Steve, that Downy sure knows his stuff.
Thanks for sharing.


2 Sunflower Hearts Auto Feeders,  1 Shelled Peanut Feeder,  2 Sunflower/ woodpecker Mix Platform Feeders,  4 Hanging Bell Seed Feeders,  1 Hanging "bell type" Roasted Mealworm Feeder,  1 unshelled Peanut Platform Feeder,  2 Mixed Bird Seed feeders,  2 Thistle Feeders,  2 Ground Feeders with Corn and a Critter Seed Block,  2 Corn Cob Feeders,  1 Brush Pile
/LandlockedS.W. PA./Sugar/Red Maple//Pines/Rose of Sharons/Allegheny/Downy Serviceberry/Hawthorns/2Burning bushes w berries   

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Nov 28 14 9:55 PM

Yay for the downy! Good picture, Steve!

SE IL, 3A yard full of nuts, fruits, berries, seeds, cones for birds; 14A woods, creek and 10A mowed farmland. Over 50 feeders/ feeding stations in coldest of winter. Certified wildlife habitat since 2004.  Dust bath and three brushpiles.

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Nov 29 14 4:00 PM

Great picture!  I've seen Downy's do the same thing!  Look forward to more postings from you.

Peggy.Suburban upstate NY, 1/2 acre-various trees, shrubs,brush pile. Summer - 4 feeders/2 suet/seed cake-oranges & grape jelly - 3 bath. 600 ft. from Lake Ontario. Small wooded & wet area behind.

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Nov 30 14 8:14 PM

so much drama on the board this week! :-D smart bird! great catch on the interaction between the two!

West central WI in a large tract of county forest with a 20-acre woodland wetland just to the south. 
BOSS, sunflower hearts, nyjer, suet, dried meal worms (all year); nectar and grape jelly (spring thru fall).

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Nov 30 14 10:52 PM

Steve, what an incredible shot!

All the leaves came off the deciduous trees in my yard just this week. Not nearly so much cover now for the birds :-( I've seen a Cooper's twice here and I'm sure it's around more than I'm aware. I feel bad that I'm making it harder for the birds to stay safe because so many of my feeders are a bit in the open (so the squirrels can't jump on them), but the birds will need a designated lookout and some savvy from your Downy!

Tracy - Seattle area, small suburban/rural yard near greenbelt and wetland areas; 1 each sunflower, nyjer, peanuts, sugar-water feeders + 3 suet cages + 1 small platform mixed fruit/nuts + 1 bird bath

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Nov 30 14 11:00 PM

And whoever said birds don't think and plan! Great story and photo Steve.

Lue, in the high desert mountains of Calamity Creek (a bit south of Alpine), TX
 Thistle socks (3), sunflower seed tube feeder, 1 ground feed area, 2 suet cages and brush pile in winter. Spring, summer and fall there are 3 hummer feeders and the brush pile.

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