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May 16 13 5:32 PM

Beck I feel like I was there and I love the  bird carring my pencile away.  What a great idea to have them all in one collection.  On my Iphone i was able to zoom and really get to see a lot of them.  What great work went into all of them and it was a fantastic few weeks..Thanks to all of you for your work in bringing out of us so much more then we thought we had in us... Totally enjoyed the program.  ginny h. 

Ocean Co. South NJ Walled patio 10 Crape Myrtle, Pine forest and bushes oak cherry lawn pond. one seed feeder, one suet, 4 hummingbird feeders, one sock.

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May 17 13 12:24 PM

Great to hear from you Beck! Thanks for showing us the scenes from your meetings. The SketchProject sure helped those two months of Winter speed by !
Thanks to everyone for their encouragement. 

luv2bird: I think you will find the Laws book very helpful. If you set yourself some goals to sketch regularly, you will make remarkable improvements. Don't be shy !

Beck: do you have any "outcomes" from the project and this week's discussions that you can share with us ?

Suburban yard with trees & shrubs, New Brunswick, Canada

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May 17 13 2:43 PM

Great to hear from you again, Beck! 

Beck: do you have any "outcomes" from the project and this week's discussions that you can share with us ?


I was wondering the same thing.  Also, are all those sketches just from the forum participants?  O.O  Or were there other participants, as well?

West central WI in a large tract of county forest with a 20-acre woodland wetland just to the south. 
BOSS, sunflower hearts, nyjer, suet, dried meal worms (all year); nectar and grape jelly (spring thru fall).

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May 17 13 9:27 PM

Thanks, Beck and Lyn, I will check into it soon.

2 Sunflower Hearts Auto Feeders,  1 Shelled Peanut Feeder,  2 Sunflower/ woodpecker Mix Platform Feeders,  4 Hanging Bell Seed Feeders,  1 Hanging "bell type" Roasted Mealworm Feeder,  1 unshelled Peanut Platform Feeder,  2 Mixed Bird Seed feeders,  2 Thistle Feeders,  2 Ground Feeders with Corn and a Critter Seed Block,  2 Corn Cob Feeders,  1 Brush Pile
/LandlockedS.W. PA./Sugar/Red Maple//Pines/Rose of Sharons/Allegheny/Downy Serviceberry/Hawthorns/2Burning bushes w berries   

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May 20 13 12:06 PM

@hrm -- Those sketches aren't even all of them and they are just the ones from this forum. Isn't that cool?

@lyn -- We are working on distilling what we've learned into something we can share with the field right now. When we've got everything written down, I'll be sure to share it here as well. Glad to know you're interested.

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