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Jan 21 13 3:08 PM

busy trip.  glad you got to see so many gulls and birds.  love the feet.  ginny h. 

Ocean Co. South NJ Walled patio 10 Crape Myrtle, Pine forest and bushes oak cherry lawn pond. one seed feeder, one suet, 4 hummingbird feeders, one sock.

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#62 [url]

Jan 21 13 8:02 PM

After his grooming yesterday, his coat is much less shaggy, and also no longer matted. 


The shag suits him, though!! 

West central WI in a large tract of county forest with a 20-acre woodland wetland just to the south. 
BOSS, sunflower hearts, nyjer, suet, dried meal worms (all year); nectar and grape jelly (spring thru fall).

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